All You Need is Love 11.26.11

This morning my husband had music on, and that catchy Beatles track came on. All You Need is Love...Love is All You Need. I thought to myself -- love that song, love my job, love my clients, and the blog title came to be.

I photographed Lialeh's sister-in-law in the spring, and Lialeh saw my work through her and immediately contacted me to schedule a session. I am so excited about what we got -- what a beautiful family, inside and out. Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

We started off with some portraits of Lialeh and Mike's 3 beautiful kids. Three-year old Connor...

Three-year old twin sister Taylor...

And darling 16-month old Lucas.

Somehow we managed to pull this one off and it was a really happy day...

After that the kids played. They had fun picking flowers...

Chasing shadows..

And just loving on each other. So sweet!

I snuck in a few more portraits when they didn't realize it. What a handsome little guy!

And seriously, what a beauty with that long wavy hair!

Just gorgeous. I so adore this child.

I got a few eyelash shots.

Because like all the kids I photograph it seems, these kids had some amazing lashes!

And then we got some portraits like this one. Precious!

We got several looking at the camera versions with Lucas, but I could not resist that smile. I love when a portrait turns into a great candid.

So so dear. All you need is love.

It is just oozing out of these photos.

Even got a few of Lialeh and Mike -- so adorable you two!

And the whole family -- you bet! I love this moment.

And I really love this portrait. Lialeh and Mike, this was SO much fun. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with. Lialeh, can't wait to see you at the workshop in May! Hugs! ~Kris

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