Sisters 11.27.11

As a mom of 2 daughters myself, I have to admit that my heart skips a beat when photographing 2 sisters, especially 2 older ones who are so obviously best friends. When my babies are older, I hope they are just like these 2. Really. They love each other, love their parents, love their Grandma -- and they are just sweet sweet sweet! Who could ask for more? Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

We started off our morning with a few of the whole family, including Heather's mom (Grandma!).

Three generations and four beautiful girls.

Grandma's precious girls.

Mom and daughter, does it get any sweeter?

After a few with Grandma, we focused on Heather and Warren's immediate family.

Meet gorgeous 8-year old Layne.

And stunning big sister, 10-year old Reese. She thought it was fun standing on these columns...

So we rolled with it for a family shot. Girl has good taste.

Daddy's girls...

Mommy's girls...

And a few of the sisters together...

Seriously, I love them all.

I so adore the grounds at UVA.

Beautiful sweet family!

These pictures are even more special since Heather and Warren both went to med school at UVA.

Love this close up!

And of course, their eyelashes.


I have photographed wedding parties here, so why not a family? Love it!

At the end, we just played.

The girls had a GREAT time...and so did I.

Images like these are why I said my heart skips a beat. It is exactly how I know Heather and Warren will want to remember their girls at 8 and 10.

H & W - thank you soooo much! I adore your family and hope we can do this again sometime! Hugs~ Kris

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