Sparkle 12.04.11

In keeping with the holiday theme, "Sparkle" just seemed to fit this family's pictures. Their eyes, their smiles, their SHOES -- they all sparkled!

Sam is a good friend of my brother's, so I have actually known him and his wife Beth for many years and I just adore them! We've never lived in the same town though -- until recently. I am thrilled to be back home in Richmond, and I'm so thankful that Beth and Sam asked me to do pictures for their beautiful family. Here are just a few favorites. Enjoy!

Meet beautiful 5-year old Caroline.

And her 2-year old little sister Anna. Dollbaby!

We started off with "the hard ones" -- the portraits with everyone looking and smiling. But these girls didn't make it hard at all!

Every one was just cuter than the next.


Three beautiful girls!

One of my photographer friends once said that real men elicit emotion from their daughters without direction. I couldn't agree more! Love this.

We continued with more portraits....

And a few more directed the ankle crossing!

And then we just had fun.

Their faces are priceless!

Sparkling smiles...

Sparking eyes...

AND sparkly shoes. So fun!

These girls had a great time on the playground, going down slides...

And playing on the see-saw.

It was here that I could really capture their darling personalities. Love the laughter!

And love the expression!

This one is just priceless. So so cute!

Beth and Sam, thank you for this fun session! It was so great to see you and spend a few hours together. Looking forward to seeing you all again now that we live so close by! Hugs! ~Kris

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