My Grown Up Christmas Wish 12.05.11

Just for a moment, I feel like Santa. I mean, really, my name IS Kris Pringle! ;-) And yes, I hear all kinds of jokes at this time of year.

In all seriousness, I just love that I can give these precious memories to a sweet friend. Annie is one of my sorority sisters from VT, and she and her family are just beautiful. Inside and out. Next to seeing her boys faces on Christmas morning, I know that these photos are going to be her favorite gift. Time frozen, moments captured. Moms everywhere have told me that this is their grown up Christmas wish, and that makes me feel like Santa. Enjoy!

Annie and Jamie have three gorgeous boys...Jack is the oldest...

Will is the middle brother...

And Evan is the baby.

We started off with some relaxed portraits. So pretty!

We did some with Daddy...

And some with Mommy. Many of them were the "looking at the camera" type pictures...

And many were more candid.

Because I think my clients should have both.

"I love my daddy!" Soooo sweet!

We accomplished this family photo is 6 frames. That is kind of unheard of...

So we moved to another spot and got yet another one. LOVE!

I think what made it so easy is how much these boys love each other. It was so obvious...

Literally, it didn't matter what they were here I was focusing on baby Evan...

And Jack would just run up and start hugging and kissing him. I didn't ask him to. He just did it. And that is beautiful.

You've done a great job Annie and Jamie.

Your boys are so so sweet.

I mean for real! Could they be any cuter?!?!

Me: "Boys, do you have pockets?"

Why yes, we do! Adorable!

Chubby cheeks and eyelashes.

A different angle for an eyelash shot. Love it!


Annie and Jamie, thank you for the wonderful, fun session and lots of love to your beautiful family! Enjoy the preview ~Kris Pringle ;-)

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