Captured -- Literally! :-) 12.06.11

Meredith is an up and coming professional photographer, and I am so flattered that she chooses me to photograph her beautiful family. (Thanks Mer!) I called this blog "Captured" because Meredith, being on both sides of the lens, can truly appreciate all that goes into getting a great photo that looks effortless. Sometimes it's about capturing a moment, and other times it's about capturing the child! Literally. ;-) More times than not it's a combination of both. ;-) Here are just a few favorites from our awesome session. Enjoy!

Gorgeous sweet family! I think this should be canvased in their home!

This is Meredith and Jeff's oldest daughter, Kaitlyn. What a beauty!

This is her little sister Ally. She looks like a model.

And this is their adorable baby brother Luke, who just turned one. Love!

In an effort to "capture" a good shot of all 3 kids, I started off with the girls first. I love this, and I hoped that Luke would soon join them on his own.

Yay! He did! Most of the frames look like this...still cute and all...but then...

SUCCESS!! One of my favorite sibling shots ever.

So we repeated again for a walking shot. Girls first.

Kaitlyn tried to capture Luke...

And a few minutes later we had the perfect photo again. I was a happy girl.

Then we just played.

Luke had earned it!

We got so many sweet candids...

A lot of them were of Luke running...

But every time he paused, in a split second, I was ready to capture it.

Daddy's girl...

Mommy's girl...

A few more of the kids in black & white.

How does a preschooler get hair like that??


Meredith and Jeff, this was so fun! Thank you for choosing me to photograph your sweet family yet again. With love and appreciation ~Kris

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