Light, Laughter and Lollipops 12.08.11

It is SOOOOO fun when you get to photograph an old (and I only mean "old" in the best way imaginable!) friend from high school and his BEAUTIFUL wife and kids. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

So I went to high school with Kevin, and I actually went to college with both Kevin and Emily (we're all praying for VT today), but I hadn't seen them in forever. Until Facebook that is. Last Christmas Kevin contacted me and purchased a gift certificate for his wife, and this fall they used it for a family photography session. We had amazing light, lots of smiles and laughter from the kids, and since it was right around Halloween -- lollipops! I am so excited to share a few favorites of this gorgeous family. Enjoy!

Meet super handsome 5-year old Ethan.

And his stunning little sister, 2-year old Lila.

Kevin and Emily said they wanted just "like one" family picture. To me that means "a couple". First we got this one and I just love it. Of course, so did the kids!

Another thing we accomplished first....upon entering their home, I saw a beautiful wall portrait of their son Ethan, taken at age 2. He was sitting on a step, smiling but looking away, and they told me they'd love to get one of Lila to "match" it. Look what she did for them! Soooooo cute!

She really is a beauty.

Love her serious face.

A few favorites of Ethan.

He has the best laugh.

And he is so well-mannered...

What a little catalog model!

Stunning family!

Love how the kids looked at each other.

I encouraged Kevin and Emily to get a picture individually with each of their kids...

And then I made sure to capture those moments when they were least suspecting it. Love it.

What do you do when a session is going really well?? Lollipops of course!

Oh my goodness it doesn't get much cuter!

Ethan will always protect her. I could tell this after spending 2 hours with them.

Back outside, Lila had fun running around...

And Ethan had fun jumping.

We still needed a really good shot of the 2 of them together though...this was the spot I wanted.

Got it! Love it! These kids are soooo precious.

Kevin and Emily, thank you so much! It was so wonderful to see you after all this time and to meet your adorable kids. Hope to see you all again really soon! Love, Krissy :)

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