Silhouettes and Smiles 12.11.11

Amy and I were friends in MIDDLE school. That was a long time ago, but I am so excited that we now we both live in the Richmond area, where we first met. Even more excited that Facebook reconnected us and that she asked me to do pictures for her beautiful family. Even though Amy and I did go to the same college (yay Hokies!), Tech is a BIG school and I'm fairly certain that our last real conversation occurred at age 13 and probably had something to do with big bangs and/or hairspray. ;-) So you can imagine how nice it was to see her after all these years, and to meet her husband, Terry, and their 2 boys. Their session went really well, and I can't wait to share a few favorites as I'm editing the rest. Enjoy!

Meet ADORABLE 6-year old Dylan and 2-year old Owen. It was a really chilly morning, but these boys did soooooo great!

We started off with some sibling shots, and they just kept getting cuter and cuter!


Next we moved on to some pictures of the whole family. Beautiful!

We walked to a new location...

And then I got a few shots of the boys alone. Love that smile!

And I adore that serious face! Soooo cute!

Silhouette time! We got a few different versions and I love them all. I thought I would show one in black and white...

One in color...

And one in sepia. Gorgeous!

As if our session wasn't already going great, then we got this! One of my favorite "posed" family shots ever! Such a beautiful family, and seriously Amy, other than the big bangs we all had, you haven't changed a day since middle school! :)

We did some more portraits, but I made sure to capture those in between moments.

The more candid images that just freeze a moment.

And then the boys just played! Love this!

And this.

Their smiles were priceless.

And as they looked down at the leaves, I was able to capture their sweet little features and their beautiful eyelashes.

What a handsome little man!

One last sibling shot...

And then we were off to the park.

These boys definitely earned it! I love this for a playroom!

Amy and Terry, thank you so much for asking me to document this little slice of your family history. Amy, soooooo great to see you and catch up a little! Hugs! ~Kris

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