Lindsay & Andy's Engagement 12.15.11

Lindsay and Andy are high school sweethearts, and they are just TOO adorable together! They have been together for nearly a decade, and this coming June, they will tie the knot. Their wedding is going to be amazing -- the location is awesome -- but for now I want to talk about their engagement session. We took these photos at Chrysalis Vineyards in Middleburg, VA, and with the fall colors and the mountains, it was truly a gorgeous spot for photos. Throw in a gorgeous couple who is so obviously so in love, and we have this -- photos that look like they belong in a magazine. Here is my best attempt at a few favorites. Enjoy!

Lindsay and Andy = too cute.

This was outfit number one. Lindsay and Andy said they were "nervous" but they could have fooled me!

Truly an amazing setting. Too bad we got "in trouble" for trying to climb over the fence to go down by the pond. Apparently we might have gotten attacked by bulls. ;-)


The vineyard. Loving the depth of field with the vines.

Something you can't do in a wedding dress. So fun!

Lindsay, you are stunning. Can't wait to see you as a bride!

There were a lot of fences at the winery, and when I saw this one with the backlit sky and single tree, I knew we had to have a silhouette shot.

Outfit number 2. Love her red belt and shoes!

We did some pictures that were a little more posed...but still relaxed....

Some that were really sweet.

Some that were totally candid and fun.

Some that were romantic.

And some that were just ummm, hawt. Like 7 levels above regular hot. This has to be one of my favorite dipping shots ever!

Outfit number 3. I loved their variety. Thought this one would be perfect for the stone wall.

A favorite of the favorites.

And another. By this point the nerves were gone, and they will be so ready for the camera on their wedding day!

Lindsay and Andy, I can't wait! Congratulations and I will see you in June! Hugs! ~Kris

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