Jenn: Maternity 01.14.12

Jenn took one of my photography workshops last spring, and afterwards she kept saying how she couldn't wait to do a family session. I couldn't wait either -- I adored her the second I met her! A few months later, Jenn found out she was expecting her 2nd child, and she hired me to do a maternity session for her and her beautiful family.

Jenn had left a few comments on my Facebook Page, so I knew exactly what she liked. Even though it was December and it was COLD, I knew that we had to do a bunch of outdoor shots, that we had to get a silhouette, and that we definitely needed to get a few "hot mama" pictures. As one of my best friends once said, "Pregnancy is sexy. Who wouldn't want to capture that!?" And I know that Jenn's husband Jason will agree. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Jenn = 31 weeks pregnant = glowing Mommy!

In Jenn's belly is their daughter Vivienne, and they cannot wait to meet her.

Christian is so excited to be a big brother. Could he be any cuter!?!!

The hat, the Uggs, so precious!

Love this!

I found myself capturing this family as I approach a wedding -- details, moments, and portraits. I really love capturing "baby details" Christian's sweet little curls...

And his gorgeous eyelashes.

A favorite portrait with Mommy...

A fave with Daddy.

And hands down my favorite moment. Christian just turned 2, and he wowed us with his smiles and how he touched Mommy's belly.

Then it was my chance to wow them. Jenn has been wanting a silhouette like this since seeing some others that I posted. I hope she is smiling right now. :)

Then it was Mother Nature's turn to wow all of us! After about an hour outside, we went inside and I focused on Jenn for a little bit.

Her husband convinced her to do a few "hot mama" shots and I know she'll be so glad he did.

Jenn, you are so stunning! Jason wasn't in the room when we did these, but occasionally he would peek in and he would say, you guessed it, "WOW!"

Love the pink scarf for Vivienne.

Jenn and Jason, I am so happy for your family!

Thank you for asking me to document this truly special time in your lives and I can't wait to see you all again -- and meet Vivienne -- soon! Hugs! ~Kristine

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