Heather: Maternity 01.26.12

If you read my blog then you know that I've been doing a LOT of maternity sessions lately....and more are coming! I don't know if that's because more and more women are choosing to document their pregnancies (which I think is awesome), or because I've kind of developed a new niche that my husband calls "just normal, not awkward preggo shots", but either way, I LOVE IT!

When I first started doing maternity sessions, I promised myself that I would stick to my "normal" style of shooting. I wanted them to have that "magazine look" my clients love. I wanted them to include Dad and the older siblings or pets. I wanted them to be modern and fun. Mostly though, I just wanted them to be REAL. Think less 'woman wrapped in sheet gazing out window with hands on belly' and more 'woman in real clothes laughing at her husband'. I think a huge part of the reason my clients have so much fun during a session is because it isn't "awkward". It feels like every day life.

Heather and Ryan's maternity session is the perfect example of this. Heather is my cousin (well, technically she is my husband's 1st cousin but now she is both of ours!), and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites from her "normal" maternity session. Enjoy the realness!

Heather. One gorgeous mama!

A favorite. This session was about Heather and her bump...

But also about capturing their sweet daughter Kate, who just turned 2. What a beauty!


1 year...

2 years. It is so fun when you can do the "same" shot 3 years in a row. This one I/we like to call "the blurry parents".

Wow how much babies change in those first 2 years. I think these need to be framed like this.

A maternity session with a can phone! "Ummm, what do you want me to do with this?"

Daddy happily demonstrated.

And Kate thought it was so much fun.


Kate was very excited to meet baby brother Fisher.

Once we got a few shots with Mommy...

And Daddy...

And baby...

I just captured Kate being Kate.

These are those precious 2-year old moments parents want to remember.

Whenever she looked at me, I got some portraits...

And even some eyelashes.

I love eyelash shots in black & white, but I couldn't resist those strawberry blond lashes, and the blue of her dress against the green grass. Love.

A few more of Heather.

Always a natural beauty. Even more so when anticipating a miracle!

I love the laid back, rustic feel of this belly shot.

Have to end with this one. Favorite photos are all about expressions and this is just perfect.

But then again, so is this!

Heather and Ryan, and sweet little Kate too -- congratulations on your newest addition Fisher! We cannot wait to meet him! And thank you once again for asking me to do photos of your precious family. It is always a blast. Love, Kris

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