Susan's Baby Shower 03.25.12

I recently got to photograph the ultimate surprise! Susan knew she would be having a baby shower a couple of weeks ago, but she had NO idea there would be a photographer there.

Susan's good friend Cali contacted me and said she wanted to give Susan the gift of "memories" -- though I had never met Cali, I immediately adored her. We think alike! :-) So I then suggested that I coordinate with Susan's husband Reid to do a sort of mini-maternity session at their home and then head over to the shower. This way they'd at least have a few nice shots together. Memories of this precious time in their lives as they await the arrival of their baby boy.

Here are a few of my favorites from this perfect, perfect day. Enjoy!

The day started at Susan and Reid's home...

First I did a few pictures of the gorgeous Mommy-to-be. Susan, you are stunning!

I told Reid that if this were a "normal" session (meaning 1-2 hours and not 10 minutes!), that he'd have a chance to sort of warm up the camera. But in this case, this was his warm up shot.

Well, look what we got next! I would totally canvas this! Love!

Susan and Reid, after knowing me for only 5 minutes, were completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera...

And at the shower, I overheard her telling her friends how much fun she had during our mini shoot. Sus, thank you!

Onto the shower. You know it's going to be great when you see the most adorable diaper wreath on the front door.

It was hosted by Susan's good friend Sarah (whose family you may recognize from my blog!)....she was the ultimate multi-tasker...mingling right next to her double wall ovens to make sure all the food turned out perfectly.

And it did. Yum!

Look at those sangria glasses. Adorable!

And the cake.

All the details, in shades of blue and green, were just perfect.

Each guest wrote a special note to Susan on these little cards, which were strung around a doorway.

Cali, thanks so much for asking me to do this -- you rock!

I love when I can stand back and capture a moment from across the room...

These ladies were having a good time.

Love the laughter.

Then it was game time.

Can you guess what they were playing?

Who has more than 10 right?

These girls were good.

Susan in her sea of presents. Can I just say that the onsies hanging behind her were the most perfect backdrop! Love them!

She got the most adorable things...

And my heart fluttered as I watched her open each gift. Some made her laugh...

And some made her cry. Like the framed baby shower invitation.

In just a few short weeks, she'll be putting all of these things to use...

One for VT, one for JMU. So cute!

Everyone departed with a bag of hand sanitizer as their favor -- so practical.

Thanks to everyone there for making my job so easy and fun!

Susan and Reid, congratulations! I am so happy for you and can't wait to meet your little boy! Hugs ~Kris

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