Alek: Newborn 05.13.12

First of all, Happy 1st Mother's Day to Andrea, the glowing Mommy in this post! :-) I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with that precious little man of yours.

Meet 12 day old Alek. He is just that. PRECIOUS.

From his perfect little fingers...

To his perfect little toes.

Andrea and Boyan are over the moon...

And they should be. Look at that face.

Love the adorable hat that Andrea found.


"The blurry parents shot". I like doing these with babies/kids of all different ages.

"The upside down shot". I've always wanted to take a picture like this.

In trying to get this picture, Alek kicked his Mommy in the face a few times and had us all laughing. ;-)

Andrea, you are beautiful.

Alek was a really good sleeper.

Baby bear's bed was just right.

Harvard class of 2034. Love it!

All this posing is making me sleepy again.

The weather was warm enough to go outside for a few...


Swaddled up newborns are just so cute.

Proud Daddy!

I have so many favorites from this session...

And they kept telling me it was a lot of fun.

Coming from two likely sleep-deprived first-time parents, that really made my day.

Andrea and Boyan, I am so happy for you.

Alek is absolutely gorgeous!

And I can't wait to do more pics for your family as he grows. Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day once again! Hugs! ~Kris

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