Golden 07.11.12

I went to college with Sydney and Eric (go Hokies!), and although I didn't know them too well, we have a bunch of mutual friends...many of whom I can thank for referring me yet another beautiful family! When Sydney first emailed me, she mentioned that she loved the use of sunlight in photos, so I thought we should try to shoot at "Golden Hour".

I love the Golden Hour...that amazing time before sunset when everything is just glowing. Unfortunately it's also sometimes the witching hour for kids, because let's be honest, it's dinner time. Well, I have to say that Collin and Barrett did fantastic. We did 2 locations and 3 outfits, and though there were a few hunger cries at the end, it wasn't anything a few fruit snacks couldn't fix. :)

Golden hour, golden are a few of my favorites of this sweet sweet family. Enjoy!

Meet adorable 5 year old Collin. He has the cutest laugh.

And the most amazing smile.

5 going on 25. He looks so grown a little model.

Ahh, back to being a kiddo again. :)

What a gorgeous little boy. My camera just loved him...

And his little sister Barrett, who just turned 2. Precious!


Look at those eyes!

Barrett gave some kisses to Mommy.

But when Daddy held her she wanted to be spun around...

Ya think she liked it!?!

Part of the reason we started our shoot at their home was so that we could include their dog Cooper. Just perfect!

Cooper definitely earned his treats that day...

And Collin and Barrett earned theirs. So so cute.

While Barrett finished her lollipop...

Collin had fun running...

And riding his bike. Love that face!

Then after a quick outfit change, we were off to the park. We did a few portraits...

And candids...

And more candids.

Love the smiles!

And the interaction.

Handsome boys!

Collin loved tackling Daddy...

And Barrett finally gave him a kiss. So so sweet!

Barrett, you are a doll!

I have no other words.

Golden hour love.

What beauties!

I wasn't sure we were going to get another "posed yet unposed" family shot, but we did.

And this one was just the icing on the cake. Thank you Golden Hour. Thank you Sydney and Eric! You have the most beautiful family and it was so fun to see you after all these years. Hugs! ~Kris

Click on the play button below to see a musical slideshow of even more pictures from their session...and make sure your volume is turned up. :)

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