Ascher: On the move at 10 months 07.21.12

I have been photographing Ascher since he was a newborn...actually since he was in his Mama's belly!

Now he is 10 months old and growing up so fast!

Could he be any more precious!?!

Love the laugh!


Gorgeous eyelashes.

He is definitely a photogenic little boy!

Those eyes...

Those lips...

Priceless. Ascher wasn't too sure of the grass...

So we headed indoors where he could really show off his new crawling skills.

Time for baby gates!

Look at him go!

Ascher's parents used this one for his 1st birthday party invitation. So cute!

He loves to play.

Baby hands are one of the cutest things. Ever.

Aside from baby feet in baby crocs.

And chunky baby legs that go away all too quickly once they start walking.

Ascher loves his Mickey car.

And lucky for me, he really loves my camera!

Baba time!

That's a wrap! See you next time everyone!

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