Flower Picking with Bear and Baby 07.26.12

I first met Kristen when we were bridesmaids in a mutual friend's wedding a few years ago, and I first did pictures for her when Caroline was just a newborn. Since then I have grown as a photographer (Kristen has even connected me with some really great teaching opportunities, and she took my workshop herself last fall), and wow, her kids have definitely grown too! Now Caroline is almost 2 and her big brother Will is 4. Here are a few favorites from our morning together at Maymont. Enjoy!

This is the first look I got from Caroline. She wasn't too sure about this whole picture thing.

But as soon as I got down on my knees and started talking about picking flowers, I had a new best buddy.

Could those pigtails be any more precious?!!

Love this.

Such a gorgeous little girl.

And then we have her big brother Will.

He stole my heart with those smiles!

And those freckles and eyelashes. I could have photographed him all day...

But he really wanted me to meet his friend Bear.

"Can I get a picture with Bear Miss Kris?" Oh happy day!

"How much do you love your Bear, Will?"

Bear helped Will pick some flowers for his Mommy.

Yep, these two were on a mission.

Cute little hands.

In between all the flower picking, we got some portraits like this...

And this.

And then we got all those sweet candids too.


Capturing a moment is my favorite thing.

A framer for sure!

I adore this family! Just beautiful!

We didn't spend much time on portraits...because a session goes so much better when you just play! Will got a turn...

And so did Caroline!

They even demonstrated how they give each other "silly kisses"...

Which consists of a kiss followed by Will falling down and Caroline laughing at him.

What an absolutely adorable duo!

Kristen and Kap, thanks for asking me to capture your beautiful family! xoxoxo

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