2 Twin Sisters...Blessed 4 Times Over 08.01.12

Grammie and Pop with their twin daughters (my beautiful friends Amy & Heather) and their families. This was "the shot" that we did this shoot for...everything else was just a bonus...and there are a LOT of bonuses. Here are a few more favorites as I'm finishing their entire gallery. Enjoy!

Meet Heather and Randy's oldest son, Zachary. He is soooo handsome and I just love his toothless smile!

This is his little brother Evan. Look at those curls - what a doll!

If you read my blog, then you may remember this photogenic little guy from last fall. This is Amy and Terry's oldest son, Dylan. Adorable!

His little brother Owen didn't want to smile for me...at least not at the beginning. He just wanted to wear his superman cape.

No worries though, I worked a little magic and then we got this. Such a cutie.

Grammie and Pop, you raised 2 beautiful, smart, kindhearted women...

Who are now raising beautiful families of their own. First Heather and Randy's crew...

And then Amy and Terry's. I have a feeling these pictures might go in the same room with Amy and Heather's wedding pictures.

Like any shoot, we did a bunch of portraits. But we also did a ton of candids. These melt my heart.

And more and more, these are the ones that people are choosing to canvas for their walls.

They're just so fun...

And they showcase personalities...

And real life.

Heather: "Boys, stop making silly faces at Miss Kris."
Boys: "Mom, she told us to!"


Daddy's big boy!

Daddy's little boy.

Could it get any sweeter?

These are the kind of images that you look at 10 years from now...

And it takes you back to that very moment.


Beautiful Mommy!

Evan was having a great time...


At the end of our session, the 4 cousins went on Grammie and Pop's swingset...

One for the playroom and/or the boys' bedrooms. I absolutely LOVE it!

Amy & Heather, thank you for asking me to do these special pictures for your entire family. I still have memories of sitting together at our middle school lunch table, and now here I am capturing memories for your sweet sweet families. It doesn't get much awesomer! Hope you love the little preview. Lots more still to come. xoxo Kris

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