All the "Kids" and Grandkids 08.15.12

I recently had the chance to do a shoot for 5 siblings and their families -- for a total of 16 people including 8 boys under the age of 6! This was "the shot" -- the one we worked hard for and the one that will be hanging proudly in Grandma & Grandpa's home. All the kids and grandkids. How truly special, and how truly amazing that 5 siblings were able to find a date that worked for EVERYONE. Here are a few of my other favorites from our session. These boys are seriously ADORABLE! Enjoy!

Meet Peyton...


And Reece...

They belong to Scott and Candice.

Then we have William...


And Jacob...

They make up Mark and Kristie's party of 5.

And last but not least we have Luke...

And Jonathan.

They are Jason and Kelly's boys.

I actually photographed them last fall and I think they might have remembered me. Either that, or they were just really in the mood to model for my camera. Precious!

Auntie Jill, surrounded by her 4 brothers and her 8 nephews. Love it! We had gotten so many fun portraits out of the way -- so now it was time to play.

I'm pretty sure this is what life with 3 boys looks like. A moment Candice will want to hold on to forever.

Speaking of holding on...Kristie was out of town for work and literally flew in for our shoot just in time and came straight from the airport.

Needless to say, her boys were so excited to see her and just couldn't let her go.

So so sweet.

Everywhere I looked, someone was smiling...

And having fun.

Especially when it was time for the slide.

Reece loved it!

For the most part they forgot I was even there...

And that is a great way to get those natural smiles! Love those sandy toes!

Luke and his younger brother...still posing for me!

I just adore these kids. All of them!

So much that I actually braved the bounce house with 5 boys.

I just sat in a corner and prayed I wouldn't get jumped on. ;-)

The cousins had fun seeing who could jump higher...

Yep, just another day at "work" for these kids.

I'm so glad I could capture these memories for them in one of their most favorite places.

And I couldn't resist making a storyboard as a thank you. Happiness comes from many things...but having grandchildren to love is definitely at the top of the list. To each of you, thank you for asking me to do these precious pictures for your entire family! Hugs! ~Kris

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