Everything 08.23.12

She is their everything...and this session sums up everything I love about a lifestyle photography session. A few natural portraits, lots of real smiles, barefeet, eyelashes, playing at the park, laughter, love, a super cute dog, maybe a silhouette or two?! The list goes on. I really want to blog EVERY single picture...so I decided to make a slideshow at the end. To the song "Everything". It's one of my favorites and one that reminds me how we as parents feel about our kids. Enjoy!

Meet Nicole and John, their beautiful 4-year old daughter Ava, and their precious pup Brody.

Ava loves Brody.

And he loves her back.

Since this lake is pretty much their backyard...

A few silhouettes were a must!

Ava being a model.

Ava being a kid.

She is such a stunning little girl.

I told her we needed a few nice smiles...

And then we could go to the park.

She happily led the way.

These playful images are some of my favorites.

They'd be so perfect on a playroom wall...

And in a photobook.

It was definitely hard choosing favorites...

So there are so many more in the slideshow at the end.

I think she was having fun!

Gorgeous mommy! Love the portrait...

Love the candids...

Kisses for mommy...

Kisses for Ava.

Daddy's future sailing partner.


Love more! Could their matching Kelly's Kids outfits be more perfect!?!

Since Nicole is a Kelly's Kid rep herself, she chose a second favorite outfit for Ava.

I love this eyelash shot in black and white...

But for the rest, the color is just so vibrant and fun.

What a beauty!

So sweet and innocent.

Love her painted toes!

Our session couldn't have gone better.

Nicole and John, thank you for asking me to photograph your beautiful family! It was so good to see you after so many years since college and to meet your sweet girl and Brody too -- what a trooper he was! Hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

Click on the play button below to see a musical slideshow with a bunch more images from their session...and make sure your volume is turned up. Nicole and John, thank you for EVERYTHING. :)

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