10 Years and 2 Beautiful Girls Later... 08.25.12

10 years and 2 beautiful daughters later...Sarah and Paul decided they wanted to do a lifestyle session at the University of Richmond where they were married. Such a great idea!

We first visited the Chapel to recreate their wedding portrait...only sweeter this time!

Such a beautiful family!

Madeline and Lauren -- and their Kelly's Kids dresses -- are just adorable.

And they obviously love each other so much.

Such a beauty.

Having fun in her twirling dress.

Precious girl!

My camera LOVED them.

They loved it back.

They had so much fun walking around campus picking spots.

I can still hear them, "Can we do one here Miss Kris?"

We got a few shots of mom and dad...and the girls were my silly helpers making them smile.

I knew they were ready to play. So we did.

Their faces in this series are just priceless.

They were truly having a blast.

Just priceless.

I could have done a whole blog of these.

They tell such a story...

Of love and admiration for their parents. My heart is melting.

A few more relaxed portraits of the girls...

No cheese face around here!

Just beautiful smiles all around.

These girls did fantastic...we did a little posing...

And a lot of playing...

And I'm so glad I had the chance to meet them!

Sarah and Paul, thank you so much! I had so much fun doing these pictures for you and I hope you love the little sneak peek. Hugs! ~Kristine

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