Home is Where the Heart Is 08.27.12

Pictures at home are special. As the saying goes, it's where the heart is, so the pictures are always a little more personal and sentimental. It's also a really easy place for a photo shoot, especially with three little ones. Ryan and Daniel are parents to sweet little Emerson, and 7-month old TWINS -- Henry and Andrew. Here are a few favorites (okay....more like a lot, and there are still so many more where these came from!) from our morning together. Enjoy!

What a gorgeous family and what great summer colors!

A bunch of frames later and we finally got it! Love!

Even the "outtakes" are precious. :)

Mommy took the boys inside to eat...so I focused on Daddy and his girl for awhile.

We played.

We did the things she normally does at home in her backyard.

We ran races...

And she loved it all.

That's the best way to get those real smiles.

Make sure they're having fun!

Those curls, those eyelashes! Emerson is just stunning.

Twin time! So so handsome!

I haven't photographed that many twins...but I have to say that it was really obvious how close these two are.

It was the way they held on to each other and the way they looked at each other. So so sweet!

Ryan took my recent photography workshop so she could take even better pics of her beautiful kids. That means, though, that she'll probably be behind the camera EVEN more than she already is...

Mom to mom, I get it. To have a nice portrait with each of your kids is so special. This is Henry.

And this is Andrew. Ryan you are beautiful!

A few candids...

I had such a hard time choosing which to blog...

A good problem to have. :-)

We took a little break inside to cool off...Emerson loved jumping on her bed.

And her brothers were loving the playroom.

Ryan, your color choices couldn't be more perfect!

This is so real life.

And so is this. Hehe!

The boys and their nursery. Love.

Back outside, it was time to play again...

I wanted to make sure we got some of Daniel and the twins since we got so many with Emerson earlier.


Getting ready for his close up.

I could post and post and post.

They are all just that sweet!

What do you do when it's 98 degrees outside at 10 am? Put on your bathing suit!

And splash splash splash!

We had to make sure Henry and Andrew would be okay with the splashing...

And luckily, they loved every minute of it. Ryan and Daniel, thank you for allowing me to spend a morning at your beautiful home with your precious family! I hope you love the little sneak peek! Hugs, Kristine

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