Brand New 09.09.12

I love newborn sessions -- especially when there is a doting big brother like Timothy to include. As I was prompting him to interact with his beautiful new baby sister Elphaba, his parents said something like, "Wow, you are one talented photographer." That meant so much (thank you Sarah and Marc!)....because obviously they hadn't seen any of the pictures yet. To them, the talent wasn't about technical ability, but about "kid-ability". And I'm still smiling thinking about our antics that morning. Here are just a few favorites I wanted to share as I'm finishing the whole gallery. Enjoy!

Both kids looking! What a beautiful family!

First we did a few pictures outside.

Not so much for baby El...though I absolutely LOVE them!

The outdoor shots were more for Timothy.

So I could chase him around to capture those natural smiles. What a cutie!

Mommy's almost 2-year old. We did some portraits...

And lots of playful candids.

Back inside for a "break" -- Timothy wanted to play play play! I think he's going to be a really good soccer player.

Elphaba just slept through it all.

Laying on Mommy makes me smile. LOVE!

Candid family love.

And one relaxed portrait. Perfect.

Since Timothy had to go to school, and Marc had to go to work, I next focused on Timothy with his new baby sister.

He thought I was funny.

And he was just melting my heart interacting with Elphaba.


And now...10 more of El. Could she be any sweeter?!

I love baby hands...

And feet.

"Hmmm, what shall I do?"

"Ahhh, stretch!"

These last two are my favorites. What a precious little beauty!

Sarah and Marc, thank you for asking me to photograph your sweet family, and congratulations on your new addition! Elphaba is gorgeous! And Timothy is just adorable! I hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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