Baby Boat Shoes 09.12.12

I adore this family! I first photographed them last year before Christopher could walk -- and now here he is at 18 months!

Walking -- and running! -- everywhere.

Baby boat shoes...

By the boats. It doesn't get any cuter!

Adorable! I love capturing a few portraits...

And also those images that show personality.

Christopher definitely has that.

He knew exactly what he wanted to do...and it involved anything with the water. :-)

I knew we'd be heading to the playground...and the lake...but first we got some good family framers! Love!

A few with Mommy...

A fun one with Daddy...

And one for the wall!

Christopher had a little cold for our shoot, and Jenny and Matt didn't think I would be able to get any smiles.

I told them not to worry.

You'd never know he wasn't feeling 100%.

One for the playroom!

As Christopher ran in circles around us...

I got a few of Jenny and Matt alone.

Jenny, you are so pretty!

Love these!

As we were approaching the end, we got pretty close to the water...

And Christopher decided his baby boat shoes needed to go for a swim!

The look on his face in these says it all.

He is too too cute!

Jenny and Matt, thank you once again for asking me to photograph your beautiful family! I love working with you, and I hope you love the little preview. Hugs! ~Kristine

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