Expressions 09.17.12

These photos are so much more than just pictures of what they look like. For Leli, Marc, and their 5-year old son Weston, they represent who they are. The expressions are priceless. They are so real, and they show such love! And such comfort in front of the camera. That makes my heart smile! Here are some of my favorites of this beautiful family. Enjoy!

Meet adorable 5-year old Weston.

And his parents, Leli and Marc.

We started with some "warm up" portraits.

Weston loved the camera!

And his beautiful Mommy!

I just watched and clicked away.

And away...

Just beautiful!

Next a few with Dad...

Love it!

And the whole family.

By this point we were getting more playful.

"Can you show me your scared face?"

"How about your scary face?"

"Surprised face?" :-)

"Where's your super cute face?"

So handsome!

Love the simplicity of this image.


Later we did some running.

To Mommy...

And to Daddy.

The expressions captured here are priceless.

The kind of expressions that bring tears to your eyes.

And bring you back to that very moment.

Such love.

All of that running wore Weston out!

So we layed around on the grass relaxing. This is one of my favorites of the favorites.

Leli, you look gorgeous!

Some upside down family shots!

They were having too much fun.

We even got a few of Mom and Dad.

Love it!

Leli and Marc, thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family! Editing these brought the biggest smile to my face and I hope seeing them brings the biggest smile to yours! Hugs! ~Kristine

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