The Natural 09.27.12

The Natural. It seems so fitting for this family. Yes, mom is so naturally beautiful, but besides that, their photos -- even the "posed" ones -- are just so natural. Everyone looks relaxed and real, not stiff and staged, and that is exactly what I wanted to give them. Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing up their whole gallery. Enjoy!

Meet CJ. Does he not have some of the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen?

What a handsome little guy!

He was the perfect little model with the most natural smiles.

Eyelashes. I will never get tired of these shots.

Next we have baby brother Cade.


Those eyes, that curly hair, that smile! Could he be any more adorable?!

On the move! Most of our attempts to get the brothers together looked like this. Cade was a super fast crawler.


So so sweet!

We did some family walking pictures...

Those are always some of my faves.

And then some with Mom. Shannon is such a natural beauty!

Love. It's the one thing, more than anything else, that I want to shine through in my photos.


We did a mix of candids...

And portraits...

And what I usually call candid portraits.

I love them all.

Cade loved walking around with Dad's help.

And when he stopped to pause, look what he did. Such love!

Later we just played.

CJ really liked showing how fast he could run.

And peeking out from behind trees.

And Cade, he just kept on crawling. Gorgeous!

We ended our session by playing "This little piggy". Naturally.

Shannon and Ryan, I had so much fun doing these pictures for your beautiful family! Thank you so much!!! ~Kristine

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