Home is Where the Heart Is 10.31.12

Home is where the heart is...and it's also sometimes where the best photos are made. Kids are comfortable, bathrooms and snacks are nearby, and there are toys. Not so much for playing with as for using to get good smiles. I actually almost left this shoot with a toy airplane and R2-D2 in my pocket. They were good helpers. ;-)

Meet Laura, Sanjay, Ryan and Brandon. I love how Ryan is holding Brandon's leg. So so sweet.

What a beautiful family!

And what cute cute boys!

I started out with 4-year old Ryan...

He loved showing me all his different expressions.

"You better not smile"...

"You better not laugh at my silly face"

Oh how perfect.

So adorable.

After just a few minutes, he had the natural smiling thing down pat.

His younger brother Brandon was on the move.

But occasionally he would pause...

And he's look down at some rocks or some sticks so that I could capture those gorgeous eyelashes. And those adorable chubby cheeks!

He was full of smiles...

Love it!

Love it even more. Precious!

We did some portraits with Mommy...

With Daddy...

And then we just played.

And captured memories that are just pure and genuine.

Expressions that can't be forced or posed.

At the end, we decided to do some on the front porch. This one makes me laugh. "Don't you take my superhero Ryan!"

So guess what, I took him to help me take the picture, and look what we got.

Happy day!

Laura and Sanjay, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home to capture these memories for your family. I hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do! :)

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