A Day at the Beach 11.12.12

A day at the beach with 3 beautiful little girls, their parents, their aunts and uncles, AND their grandparents! Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Since it was a goal to get some good group portraits, we did those first. Look at those precious grandbabies and their smiles!

Then we did it again with the second set of grandparents. Just love.

With those crossed off the list, it was time to focus on what else? The kids! First Amy and Dave's family.

Riley will be turning 3 soon.

And she did just what toddler girls do at the beach.

She ran...

And ran...

And ran. I loved capturing every detail of it.

In the short pauses, I was ready.

Love the sand on her face.

What a beauty!

I love how you can see our reflections in her glasses.


Baby sister Kinley gave me a different set of challenges.

She didn't like that thing called sand.

Lift her up out of it...

And she was as happy as a clam.

Thank goodness for rocking chairs.

She is just gorgeous.

Look at those cheeks!

Oh happy girls, you made my day with these smiles!

Next I turned my attention to Amy's brother's family -- Ryan, Kerrie, and baby Kathryn.

We got some with Mommy...

Some with Daddy...

And a bunch of the whole family.

Last time I saw them I was photographing their wedding...

And now here they are as parents.

My job is so rewarding.

Look at that little beauty.

She has so much personality....from serious...

...to giggles in 2 seconds flat.

Baby feet, just delicious!

Just too much.

To Kerrie and Ryan...

And to Amy and Dave and your entire families, thank you for asking me to do these pictures. Hugs! ~Kris

Want more? Turn up your volume for a musical slideshow. :)

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