Engagement Favorites 05.01.15

My new website will be launching in the next few weeks, and while my amazing designer is hard at work on the coding, I'm finalizing galleries. Here are a few of my favorite engagement photos from the past few years. I love all the love and laughter. How did I get so lucky to work with the most beautiful and genuinely sweet couples!?! Happy Friday sweet friends! PS -- I didn't think all of my old blogs would carry over, so I stopped blogging last fall! But, I just found out that they would (Hooray!), so here's to adding blogs from the last 7 months! :)


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Christina + Shane: Engaged 12.17.12

Before I was a photographer, I worked with Christina's mom doing health care research. Well, let's just say that I found my true love and so did Christina! And now I get to be her wedding photographer. Christina and Shane, thank you for making this afternoon so easy and FUN! You two are rock stars and I can't wait for your wedding next fall! XOXO ~Kristine

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Brittany + Michael: Engaged 12.11.12

An engagement session at The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards. What a beautiful location with an even more beautiful couple! Brittany & Michael, thank you for such a wonderful day and for all the laughs too! Can't wait for your wedding next fall! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Jacqueline + Bryan: Engaged 10.23.12

Jacqueline and Bryan are seriously adorable together, and I'm so excited that I get to be their wedding photographer. They're getting married in the Richmond area next June, but before that I'll be doing a bridal session with Jacqueline. And her horses. On her farm. Yes please!

For now though, here are a few favorites from their engagement session at Maymont Park. We were shooting at "golden hour" and I just love love love how they turned out. Jacqueline and Bryan, thank you for making this SO MUCH FUN! Your happiness just jumps out of these photos! Hugs! ~Kristine

Want to see more? Click the play button below to see a slideshow. :-)

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Jessica + Chris: Engaged 10.16.12

I should have titled this, "Here Comes the Sun..." because I think we rescheduled this engagement session at least 4 times due to rain. Ugh. I'm pretty sure that is a rescheduling record, and Jessica and Chris were so patient with my busy weekend schedule this summer. On the 5th time though, not only did we have a dry day, we had SUN. And you can see it shining in the background of these pictures. That makes my heart smile. And so does this session. As if Jessica and Chris weren't adorable enough, they brought along their precious pup JoJo, who was pretty much a professional doggie model. :-) Here are a few favorites from our morning together. Enjoy!

Meet Jessica and Chris, with their little camera ham JoJo.

I love that they brought her along.

The pictures with her are just adorable.

And real.

She was sooooo good.

Thank you JoJo - and thank you to Jessica's bridesmaid for dog-sitting for the remainder of the session.

After JoJo went home, we wandered around looking for cool spots and what else - SUN! :)

I got a few of the beautiful bride-to-be alone...

She is SO beautiful!

And so is her bling!

Good job Chris.

Engagement sessions are a great way to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

We had so much fun.

And we practiced a bunch of wedding day poses.


Too cute.

A favorite.

Actually I love them all.

What a beautiful setting!

Jessica and Chris are getting married in Charlottesville next spring.

I am so excited for them!

And truly honored to be their photographer.

Jessica and Chris, thank you for making this so easy and fun! I can't wait to see your save-the-dates -- and of course I can't wait til your wedding. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Meg + Edward: Engaged! 07.29.12

Yesterday I photographed their Richmond wedding, and it was just beautiful.

The wedding blog will be coming later, but for now I wanted to share some of the engagement pictures we did a few months back. On the way there, Meg texted me and I remember she said something like, "Be gentle. Neither of us are too comfortable in front of the camera." I remember thinking, "Oh good, then we're just alike! I'm much more comfortable behind the lens." Behind the lens is where it becomes my job to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. When that camera is in my hand, I'm having fun. And then my clients start having fun. And laughing. And acting like themselves. And telling jokes. And pretty much forgetting they are even having their picture taken. That was exactly the case for Meg and Edward.

Here are a few favorites from our fun morning together at Maymont Park. Enjoy! And congratulations you two! I am so happy for you!

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Kristen & Adam: Engaged! 07.22.12

I first met Kristen and Adam at Panera, where we chatted about their upcoming Charlottesville wedding. I remember calling my husband on my way home and he said, "How'd it go?" And I told him something like, "Wonderful. Kristen and Adam are just so connected. I mean, just adorable. It was the way they looked at each other and laughed. I really hope I get to do their wedding."

Well, my wish came true, and I have to say that after doing their engagement session, I am even more excited for their November wedding and for Kristen's bridal shoot this fall. She and Adam are two of the nicest people you could meet, and it shows in their pictures. The laughter, the love...it is just infectious and I'm honored to be the one who could forever freeze these moments for this adorable couple.

Here are a few favorites from our golden hour session at Barboursville Winery, and a slideshow at the end too. Enjoy!

Click on the play button below to see a musical slideshow of even more pictures from their session...and make sure your volume is turned up. Kristen and Adam, thank you for such a fun shoot! Can't wait for more! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Lindsay & Andy's Engagement 12.15.11

Lindsay and Andy are high school sweethearts, and they are just TOO adorable together! They have been together for nearly a decade, and this coming June, they will tie the knot. Their wedding is going to be amazing -- the location is awesome -- but for now I want to talk about their engagement session. We took these photos at Chrysalis Vineyards in Middleburg, VA, and with the fall colors and the mountains, it was truly a gorgeous spot for photos. Throw in a gorgeous couple who is so obviously so in love, and we have this -- photos that look like they belong in a magazine. Here is my best attempt at a few favorites. Enjoy!

Lindsay and Andy = too cute.

This was outfit number one. Lindsay and Andy said they were "nervous" but they could have fooled me!

Truly an amazing setting. Too bad we got "in trouble" for trying to climb over the fence to go down by the pond. Apparently we might have gotten attacked by bulls. ;-)


The vineyard. Loving the depth of field with the vines.

Something you can't do in a wedding dress. So fun!

Lindsay, you are stunning. Can't wait to see you as a bride!

There were a lot of fences at the winery, and when I saw this one with the backlit sky and single tree, I knew we had to have a silhouette shot.

Outfit number 2. Love her red belt and shoes!

We did some pictures that were a little more posed...but still relaxed....

Some that were really sweet.

Some that were totally candid and fun.

Some that were romantic.

And some that were just ummm, hawt. Like 7 levels above regular hot. This has to be one of my favorite dipping shots ever!

Outfit number 3. I loved their variety. Thought this one would be perfect for the stone wall.

A favorite of the favorites.

And another. By this point the nerves were gone, and they will be so ready for the camera on their wedding day!

Lindsay and Andy, I can't wait! Congratulations and I will see you in June! Hugs! ~Kris

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Niki & Ian's Engagement 11.14.11

Niki and Ian are getting married in Charlottesville next August, and after doing their engagement session, I am even more excited for their big day. What an adorable couple! I think the images will speak for themselves, but can I just say that this was SO fun! Ian went into this completely not knowing what to expect (he even said to Niki, "Oh, so you mean we have to get pictures taken BEFORE the wedding?"), and I am so glad that it turned out to be such a memorable afternoon for both of them. Because in my opinion, every moment leading up to the big day should be a memory too. Here are a few favorites from their shoot. Enjoy!

We started off in downtown C'ville...

Making sure to incorporate some of the things that kind of define downtown.

A little window shopping...love the reflection, and the dress!

And then we did a few portraits that were just simple and sweet.

I'm a big fan of "looking away" shots too.

A favorite! Their expressions are so cute!

Niki and Ian are having their wedding reception at the gorgeous Jefferson Theater on the downtown mall. LOVE!

It doesn't get any more C'VILLE than this!

After a few downtown, we headed to Jefferson vineyards. I adore this relaxed portrait.

And I really adore Niki's laugh!


We practiced all kinds of "poses" for their wedding day.

This is one we will not be doing (hehe!), so I'm really glad we were able to capture it now. We did this over and over a few times to get Niki's hair to bounce just perfectly. :)


I loved capturing the way they looked at each other.

There's that laugh again.

Love it. Niki, could you be any prettier?

I had to end with this one -- hello golden hour sunshine! Niki and Ian, thank you for making this so fun! I cannot wait for the big day! Hugs! ~Kris

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Amelia & Dana's Engagement 09.21.11

Last month I did an engagement session for an awesome, awesome couple. I first met Amelia while photographing her good friend Julie's wedding in 2007. We really got to know each other well, because if anyone remembers Julie (how could you forget her!?!), you know that she did a ton of different sessions around her wedding and many of them included her friends. We all had so. much. fun.

That was 4 years ago this month. And since then, I moved from Pennsylvania to my hometown in Virginia. So you can imagine my delight when I got a Facebook message from Amelia asking if I could photograph her and Dana's wedding next June in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was so glad I was available on their date! It's gonna be a good time!

For their engagement session, Amelia, Dana, their dog Henry, and Amelia's mom & dad traveled to Richmond, Virginia. We started our session at Sunday Park in Brandermill, and as always, we started with some portraits.

You can't wear a dress and heels like this and not expect me to find a fun way to show them off. :)

Helping another girl feel relaxed and beautiful in front of the camera is something I really love about my job. And Amelia, all I can say is you are gorgeous!

I adore morning light! And this image!

Amelia and Dana made every location look that much more amazing.

A favorite. The love boat.

An engagement session is a great way to "master" some things I'll ask you to do on your wedding day. "Smile kiss" - check!

A perfect moment. SO cute.

Amelia's parents (Gail & Ken - you are seriously the best!) watched Henry during a lot of our session. But you can't travel all the way to Richmond with your dog and not include him in some shots.

Henry was perfect.

All I had to do was hold up a treat and his eyes were on me! :)

For the second half of our session, we mixed it up by doing something completely opposite of the park setting. We headed into Carytown to get a more urban look for some of their photos. We really just walked around...

Found some neat places to sit...

And then we ended up in this neat old book store. LOVE those colors.

Notice their wedding books - fun!

At the very end, they celebrated a successful session over a glass of wine. These images remind me how much I love window light.

Looks like it could be their first date. Their expressions are adorable.

Amelia and Dana, thank you so much for traveling to VA for this session. It was just as fun as I expected and I am so happy for you both. Thanks for being so wonderful! Can't wait for your rehearsal dinner and wedding in June! Hugs! ~Kris

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