The Essence of Their Family 08.16.13

I have this sentence on my new website in the works that says something like..."I want to capture so much more than how you look. I want to capture the ESSENCE of your family." I'm pretty sure this session is what I meant by that. Happy Friday everyone! Click below to see a slideshow -- and have tissues!

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Siblings (even twins!) at Sunday Park 07.24.13

Siblings + Sunshine + Smiles + Sunday Park = Successful Session!

I adored these precious kids...from Ava helping her baby twin brothers Justin and Luke walk down the dock, to the playground was just smiles and love all around. Thank you Jenn and Mike for all of your help that day! I hope you love the pictures of your little sweeties! :)

To see a slideshow, click on the arrow below...or to see still images, you can visit my Facebook Page

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Sweet Sweet Sisters! 06.25.13

Every time big sister Olivia hugged or kissed her little sister Holland, she'd put one leg in the air and smile the biggest grin. These two girls are absolutely precious and this whole shoot was just sweet sweet sweet! Thanks so much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family Courtney and Gary!

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Brown Eyed Girl 06.20.13

I heard this song as I was editing these photos, and I changed the original slideshow music because it was just perfect. Hayden is their brown eyed girl, and she was definitely laughin' and a runnin', skippin' and a jumpin' for our entire shoot! I just adore this precious almost 5-year old and her parents too! Thanks a ton Jessica and Daniel! XOXO ~Kris

Click below to see the slideshow...or to see still images, you can visit my
Facebook Page

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Snuggles with Maren 04.02.13

Well after my busiest fall ever, I'm about to dive back into busy season again, with 6 sessions this week and my first wedding of the year this Saturday April 6th. So I thought I should share at least some sessions from the fall. :)

I did newborn photos for Maren, and this most recent shoot was for her 1st birthday. I just adore this family, and I love how Lisa and Scott's love for their baby girl just jumps out of the photos. So precious! Enjoy!

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Little Miss Magic 11.16.12

Some beautiful images of beautiful Peyton and her family -- and the beautiful piece of technology (her cochlear implants) that has allowed her to hear her Mommy and Daddy's voices...and the sound of the ocean too! Here are a few favorites from our session at the beach, and a slideshow at the end too. Enjoy!

What an amazing and inspirational family! Jessica and Troy, thank you for asking me to do these precious photos for you. Peyton is truly "Little Miss Magic" and she taught me so much in our 2 hours together. Her smile says it all! She is so happy to hear the world, and I'm so happy to hear of all her progress with words and counting. Go Peyton! Hugs! ~Kristine

Want to see more? Click the arrow below to see a musical slideshow.

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A Day at the Beach 11.12.12

A day at the beach with 3 beautiful little girls, their parents, their aunts and uncles, AND their grandparents! Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Since it was a goal to get some good group portraits, we did those first. Look at those precious grandbabies and their smiles!

Then we did it again with the second set of grandparents. Just love.

With those crossed off the list, it was time to focus on what else? The kids! First Amy and Dave's family.

Riley will be turning 3 soon.

And she did just what toddler girls do at the beach.

She ran...

And ran...

And ran. I loved capturing every detail of it.

In the short pauses, I was ready.

Love the sand on her face.

What a beauty!

I love how you can see our reflections in her glasses.


Baby sister Kinley gave me a different set of challenges.

She didn't like that thing called sand.

Lift her up out of it...

And she was as happy as a clam.

Thank goodness for rocking chairs.

She is just gorgeous.

Look at those cheeks!

Oh happy girls, you made my day with these smiles!

Next I turned my attention to Amy's brother's family -- Ryan, Kerrie, and baby Kathryn.

We got some with Mommy...

Some with Daddy...

And a bunch of the whole family.

Last time I saw them I was photographing their wedding...

And now here they are as parents.

My job is so rewarding.

Look at that little beauty.

She has so much personality....from serious... giggles in 2 seconds flat.

Baby feet, just delicious!

Just too much.

To Kerrie and Ryan...

And to Amy and Dave and your entire families, thank you for asking me to do these pictures. Hugs! ~Kris

Want more? Turn up your volume for a musical slideshow. :)

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My Wish 11.05.12

I have known Chris since I was 19. She is my sorority little sister and one of my very best friends. I could go on and on about how much I love her and her family -- hubby Brad and sons Alex & Brady -- how their smiles can light up any room and their laughter is just contagious. Being around them makes my heart so happy, even if it's just for a 2-hour photo session. :)

We did these pictures over the summer at Jefferson Vineyards in the mountains of Charlottesville, and I know they will always hold a special place in their hearts. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

One for the Christmas card. Just beautiful.

Brothers. They are so sweet.

There's that laugh I love.

Mommy's baby, two year old Brady.

And her big boy, four year old Alex.

Next it was Brad's turn.


Brady's reward for taking nice pictures. He got to go up high!

"One more time?"

Big brother Alex.

Still little enough for this too.

About 45 minutes into our session, the boys took a break from the action to hug.

"Big brother, I look up to you".

My heart was melting.

I was clicking through it all, even the falls...

Brady just smiled and got back up...

For more hugs. Me: Everyone say PICKLE!

And then they smiled at me. Such adorable kids!

Mr. J. Crew kids himself.

Just so handsome.

Precious Brady. He had me running.

But every now and then he stopped to pause. Look at those big brown eyes - gorgeous!

Then it was Mommy & Daddy's turn.

I can always count on them to make my stomach hurt from laughing.

I love you guys!

And I'm so proud of the marriage and family you've created.

Shoulder rides are always a hit during a photo session...

We got some really cute ones - my favorite is at the end.

Later it was time for Superman shirts. LOVE. Though I still think Chris should have been Wonderwoman.

What do you get when you take really good pics in the heat?

Lollipops of course.

A little bribery never hurts.

I could post and post...

And post...

But I'll end with this one, one of my favorites of the favorites. Chris & Brad, thank you for having me document your boys growing up. I love you all so much! XOXO

Want to see more? Click on the arrow below to see a slideshow with a bunch more favorites. Enjoy!

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Home is Where the Heart Is 10.31.12

Home is where the heart is...and it's also sometimes where the best photos are made. Kids are comfortable, bathrooms and snacks are nearby, and there are toys. Not so much for playing with as for using to get good smiles. I actually almost left this shoot with a toy airplane and R2-D2 in my pocket. They were good helpers. ;-)

Meet Laura, Sanjay, Ryan and Brandon. I love how Ryan is holding Brandon's leg. So so sweet.

What a beautiful family!

And what cute cute boys!

I started out with 4-year old Ryan...

He loved showing me all his different expressions.

"You better not smile"...

"You better not laugh at my silly face"

Oh how perfect.

So adorable.

After just a few minutes, he had the natural smiling thing down pat.

His younger brother Brandon was on the move.

But occasionally he would pause...

And he's look down at some rocks or some sticks so that I could capture those gorgeous eyelashes. And those adorable chubby cheeks!

He was full of smiles...

Love it!

Love it even more. Precious!

We did some portraits with Mommy...

With Daddy...

And then we just played.

And captured memories that are just pure and genuine.

Expressions that can't be forced or posed.

At the end, we decided to do some on the front porch. This one makes me laugh. "Don't you take my superhero Ryan!"

So guess what, I took him to help me take the picture, and look what we got.

Happy day!

Laura and Sanjay, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home to capture these memories for your family. I hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do! :)

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Anna: Senior 10.18.12

I had so much fun photographing Anna, a class of 2013 senior at Cosby High School. The second I met her I knew she would be up for anything. In fact, first up was riding her horse Bogie in her gorgeous orange prom gown -- eeek, someone pinch me now! I felt like we were in photography dream land. :-) I love that these photos show her personality, her creativity, and her love of animals. Here is my best attempt at a top 10 with Bogie...though there are many more in the entire gallery because I just can't choose!

Just a few in her prom dress alone...without Bogie.

And then we were on to outfit number 2.

Love it. Look at those eyes!

We couldn't leave Lady out. So so sweet!

And then outfit number 3.

Such a beauty!

Anna, I'm so glad I had the chance to do these photos for you! You are an amazing young woman with a great future ahead of you! To Anna's parents, thank you for welcoming me into your home. You have the most lovely daughter, and Priscilla (mom to mom), I'm sure these are bringing tears to your eyes as you look at your baby girl all grown up. I hope you all love them as much as I do! Hugs! ~Kristine

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